About Claire

I gained my first diploma in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy at Woodbury Counselling, based in Kent. Wanting to enhance my expertise, I undertook an advanced course in hypnosis, hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis at the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in Southend, where I successfully attained two further diplomas.

I became the EICH Administrator and ran Weight Control Workshops annually, having formerly worked in the slimming industry for 3 years. I gained great insight into the emotional disposition of people with weight problems and how food is often used as an expression of unspoken and/or buried emotions.

Over 17 years of clinical experience.

I offer positive strategies to help overcome life’s obstacles, in every aspect of emotional wellbeing from fears/phobias to the profoundest of situations.

I am currently a Supervisor and Accredited Member of The APHP (The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy) supporting new and trainee therapists.

My own therapy was undertaken due to family bereavement, I managed to cope on a day to day basis carrying a “weighted down” feeling of loss and guilt. I came to understand that many experience the phenomenon known as “survivor guilt”. With the aid of hypnoanalysis I was able to bring these emotions to the surface and regard my life in a much improved positive way.

Therapy with myself, is confidential in accordance with the APHP code of practice and ethics. You will receive my compassionate, sensitive approach to your particular need.